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Coyote Runt Optical Tap. Believe it or not, I do like the PLP Runt. They've just got to be glued shut because if you put them in a wet environment, this is what you get.

The Commscope Optical Tap is a very versatile closure. Because of their size, you can fit them in a PED.

The Commscope D Closures are a very popular closure. I like the high count splice trays, but they do only have six entry points, so fiber management can be a problem with multible cables. When the closure gets overcrowded, it's easy to pinch a buffer tube in the tray rack.

The Coyote Closure has several entry points that makes large count fiber management simple


This is an actual Fiber Optic hand hole that I came across just a few years ago. Doing fiber optics is an actual skill that anyone off the streets can't do. The company might think they can, but this is what happens. 


There are good and bad in every closure. It is important to choose a closure that fits your fiber needs. There isn't a one size fits all closure. FiberOps can help you design your fiber network to best fit your needs.

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